April 17-19 “Flit”

Presented by KB Productions

Written by John Lasiter, Directed by L.T. Kirk

Performances Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm

Tickets:$8 in advance, $10 at the door

615-942-6211 or

KB Productions, previously known as kirk-burgess productions will be presenting a staged reading of a new play by John Wesley Lasiter, FLIT.


FLIT is a coming of age tale which exposes many of the things which plague our society; homophobia, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, addictions, and the struggle for human beings to find where they fit in the world.  The light is shed on each of these topics through eyes of FLIT, known to his parents as Daniel, a flamboyant and clueless man who, the age of 28 and ¾, still lives in his parents’ home until his father kicks him out.  His best friend, a female singer who is only able to find work at a DRAG bar by pretending to be a man impersonating a woman, takes him in with the belief that she can convert him from gay to straight.  Ultimately she kicks him out and FLIT finds himself on the street alone.  He is taken in by a street ministry and has to deliver condoms at night to hookers.  An unlikely friendship develops between FLIT and Lulu, a drug-addicted prostitute, who teaches him some important lessons about life, love, and society.  FLIT is a comedy/drama which takes the audience on a hilarious journey of discovery.  Through the laughter there are moments of sadness, anger, and even wonder as the story intentionally leaves the audience with a cliff hanger question.


John Wesley Lasiter has been a well known member of the Nashville Theater community for many years as a performer.  This is the first of his original scripts to be released for production and KB Productions is proud to help him workshop it.  There will be feedback/Q&A sessions after each performance in which the audience will be able to interact with the cast, the director, L.T. Kirk, and the author, John Wesley Lasiter.


The cast includes many of Nashville’s best known performers as well as some of it’s up and coming stars: Cinda McCain, James Rudolph, Francine Berk Graver, Bryce Conner, Molly Breen, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, Chad David Webb, Barkari King &  Charletta ‘CJ’ Jordan.

April 24-26 “Back in the Day”

Presented by Real Life Players

An original show written and performed by Nashville Teens

Performances Thursday-Saturday at 6:30pm

All proceeds will be donated to charity


Darkhorse Theater

April 24th , April 25th  and April 26th


This is the 20th year of the Real Life Players, the only teen owned and operated theater company in the country. For 20 consecutive years, we have written and produced plays to entertain and engage our audiences as well as raise money for deserving organizations. As of this year, we have donated to 16 different charities and are only $3000 away from hitting the $45,000 mark.


The RLP operates with no grants or funding from local, state, or federal sources. There is no business or religious organization that provides support and funding to, or direction of, the Real Life Players. The teens fully own and operate this company.


We are a company that has passed on from year to year the mission of creativity for community service, from one group of teens to another. We feel that this has been a truly remarkable accomplishment, deserving of our Nashville community's acknowledgement and continued patronage as they support the following 2014 community services programs:


The Oasis Crisis Service and Street Outreach Program – serving Nashville’s homeless teen population and providing opportunities and important resources such as hot meals, access to washers and dryers, hot showers, counseling assistance for jobs, safe housing facilities, and much more.


The Salama Institute – serving Nashville’s inner city youth, grades K-12, in extended learning programs including academics, life skills, the arts, and leadership skills.


The Jason Foundation – an organization dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide through educational and awareness programs for young people, educators, youth workers, and parents.  The proceeds donated to the Jason Foundation will be donated in memorial to Spencer Tate, a freshman at Father Ryan High School who passed away this March.


To all of those who submitted nominations, thank you so much. It was an incredible group and each and every one worthy of the funds. The final charities selected have a personal connection to the Real Life Players or a youth they knew.


Save the date on your schedules now to come to the show and vote for the organization you wish to receive your ticket dollars. Encourage others to come too, through your contact list, social media, and the ever interesting but increasingly rare face-to-face conversation. It is through word of mouth that we bring our productions to the Nashville community and the dollars to these deserving organizations.


Check out Real Life Players on our Facebook page and please contact Valli at (615) 300-3592 with any questions, comments, etc. 

May 2-10 “WXYZ Radio-Drama on Your Dial”

Presented by GROUNDWORKS

Written by Jeri A. Kressky

Performances Friday,Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm

Tickets available at

May 16-31 1 “Anna in the Tropics”

Presented by ACT I 

Written by Nilo CruzPerformances at 7:30pm Fri./Sat./Thurs.

Sunday  matinee at 2:30pm  matinees

Tickets $15 for all, Reservations

June 5-8  "It’s a Ruff Life"

A musical by Gene Levine and Jesse Goldberg, A musical comedy for dog lovers

Performances Thursday, Friday,Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm

For Reservations call 615-500-4828,

additional info at

    “It’s A Ruff Life” is a musical comedy with lyrics, book and music written by Jesse Goldberg and Gene Levine. It features a dog’s eye view of the world. All the characters are dogs and all the songs are sung in “1st dog.”

    Frisbee, a golden retriever, meets Duke, a stray mutt, who convinces him that there is more to life than just being a pet. Frisbee wonders about the world beyond his fenced yard and decides to run away and join Duke and his band of strays.

    Each of the strays have their own unique personality, characteristics, hang-ups, hopes and dreams. There is “Goldberg” the Jewish setter, “Piddle,” the dog who can’t control her bladder, “Haskell, a tiny dog whose bark is much greater than his bite and “Lila,” the provocative female who Haskell yearns for. There is also a Camelot-like love triangle between “Frisbee,” “Duke” and his girlfriend “Tiffany.”

June 20-28  "TBD"

Presented by Dream 7 Productions

Performances Friday,Saturday and Sunday

For Reservations call 615-474-0161

July 18-26  "TBD"

Presented by Destiny Theatre Experience

Performances Friday,Saturday and Sunday

For Reservations call 615-270-366-6266

July 4-12 “Equus”

Presented by Kirk/Burgess

Written by Peter Shaffer

Performances Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 2:30pm



2014 Schedule

(Subject to change)


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GROUNDWORKS Specializing in premieres of plays never seen before in Nashville.  

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Nashville's 24 year old Darkhorse Theater is an alternative theater with new works, classical theater, live music, dance and multimedia shows. This intimate and comfortable space has long been the home of many of Nashville's unique performing arts groups. Current companies at Darkhorse include ACT 1, Groundworks Theater, Real Life Players, Sista Style,  Dream 7, Destiny Theatre Experience, John Holleman and Co., P.G. 13 Players, KIrk/Burgess, Jene India Productions,  and others. Darkhorse is owned and managed by Shannon Wood and Peter Kurland. Our mission is to provide a home for indigenous theater and performing arts groups and artists.

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